Getting Started Reading Star Wars

These are your first steps into a larger world…

For many fans of Star Wars, the books and comics - generally referred to as the Expanded Universe or EU - can appear much like wild space beyond the outer rim; crowded, confusing, and potentially dangerous. However, we at Youtini have flown from one end of the literary galaxy to the other, and we’re here to tell you there’s no need to be afraid.

This is where the fun begins.


Before just diving right in, there are a few key points that we think are important to understand:

  1. The difference between Canon & Legends
  2. The categories of Star Wars books
  3. The Star Wars timeline
  4. The best books to read first
  5. The best Star Wars Reading Order
  6. How Youtini can help
  7. How you can help Youtini


There are two big timelines in the Star Wars Universe: Canon & Legends. The intricacies of this difference are fully outlined in our writeup, The Difference Between Canon & Legends, but here’s the short version:

Legends material includes all written material published before Disney purchased Star Wars in 2012.
Canon material is everything that came after the fact.

If the material is Canon, it can’t be contradicted by any other medium in the Star Wars Universe. So if a character dies in a film, they can’t show up in a book that takes place after that because… well, they’re dead.
If the material is Legends, it does not have to adhere to the Canon continuity, because the events that take place in the books didn’t truly happen. Not to say that Legends material isn’t important by any means. I mean, it is Star Wars. Just consider it part of its own alternate universe.

These days, a LOT of Canon material is inspired by Legends, and in fact, over half of our favorite introductory books are Legends books.

But how do you tell the difference in the store? Nowadays, Legends material has a printed banner on the cover, but if you’re shopping for used books, we highly recommend checking out our Youtini timelines to double check before you purchase!


There are as many types of Star Wars books as you could possibly imagine, and there a million more well one the way. For our purposes, we like to break down our stories into three basic categories, and we hope these help you understand exactly what type of material you’re getting when you open the cover of your new arrival.


Full-length chapter books for adults and young adults, alike.. Most people (including us at Youtini) consider the young adult (YA) novels as good as the adult novels and we treat them as basically the same category - the one that everyone should read. More often than not, the “young” in young adult simply refers to the age of the protagonists, so if you’re picking up a YA book, you may be in for some younger characters.


Comics are a whole other genre in and of itself. Just like the books, comics use the same rules for Canon and Legends. However, you have a couple of different options regarding how you read them. Comics can be purchased and read in single issues or in combined prints called graphic novels or trade paperbacks. Both are a ton of fun and have their own benefits. Single issue comics are released monthly and offer a chance to join in the larger conversation about the ongoing story. Trade paperbacks combine multiple comics into one larger, cohesive package, so if you don’t mind waiting just a bit, you can have the whole story in your hands at once.

Kids Books

Kids books are surprisingly one of the biggest categories of books because there are so many ages covered. Books range from bed-time stories to short chapter books meant for preteens. If you are a parent, chances are you already have a few of these lying around. Most of this content is pretty kids-only, but some of these junior novels are still pretty high quality and add some cool stuff to the universe that can still be essential reading for older fans.


Both the Canon and Legends timelines are split into two eras: BBY and ABY. BBY stands for Before the Battle of Yavin at the end of Episode IV: A New Hope, and ABY stands for After the Battle of Yavin.

When you see a book take place 32 ABY that means that the events of that book take place approximately 32 years after the events of Episode IV: A New Hope.

These time measurements are incredibly important, because the Expanded Universe covers waaaaaaaay more time than the films. In fact, the films only deal with 32 BBY to 34 ABY which is only a 66 year period! The books, on the other hand, go back over 25,000 years! Currently, the two timelines cover the following periods:

Canon: 39 BBY -- 35 ABY
Legends: 25,793 BBY -- 139 ABY


Ask one hundred Star Wars fans where to start reading and you will get one hundred different answers. However, we at Youtini have put a great deal of thought into this because we consider it an incredibly important decision. Our full length article, Which Star Wars Book Should I Read First?, breaks down this question, but here’s the gist.

If you hate your first book, you may never pick another one up. And there are just as many reasons to dislike a book as there are to like it. If you pick up a book at random, you could end up in the middle of a nine-book series (like Corey did) and have no idea what is happening or who the characters are, and that confusion could potentially put you off of Star Wars books forever.

Thus, there are several qualities that we believe your FIRST Star Wars book should have:

  1. Easy to read and understand without any prior knowledge outside of the films.
  2. Memorable and important characters
  3. A comfortable writing style with a good flow
  4. A relative importance to grand scheme of the EU
  5. Perhaps most of all: Fun, entertaining, and likely to get you hooked.

Long story short, we carefully analyzed hundreds of books in the EU to choose what we think are the best options to start with. Is it crucial to read these first? Absolutely not! Read whatever you like! All Star Wars is good Star Wars. But if we had to pick five, these are the gems that rose to the top.

Our Foundational Books (in no particular order):

  1. Lost Stars by Claudia Gray - a Canon, stand-alone YA novel
  2. Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover - a Legends, adult novelization of Star Wars: Episode III
  3. Darth Bane: Path of Destruction by Drew Karpyshyn - a Legends adult novel and the first entry in the Darth Bane Trilogy
  4. Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn - a Legends adult novel and the first entry in the Thrawn Trilogy
  5. Kenobi by John Jackson Miller - a Legends stand-alone adult novel


The best order to read Star Wars books is a bit of a controversial topic. There are a variety of different strategies that fans have attempted over the years, but the most often suggested to new readers are chronological order or publishing order. That makes sense right? Start at the beginning and read them all in the order they exist on the timeline.

Well that might make sense… if there weren’t approximately 200 novels and 400 graphic novels.

That’s why Youtini universally recommends against any sort of arbitrary order. There’s simply way too much content to justify adhering to a rigid reading order. We have a full write-up on the site, Should you read in chronological order? But the short version is this:

Read what you want to read.

There is a ton of content out there, so read what makes you happy. Do you have a favorite character? A favorite theme? Start there! Or just pick some of the most highly rated content on the site. We have a special list dedicated to our official ranking right here

If you’re still not sure, we suggest starting with some of the most popular and critically acclaimed books and going from there! Check out the next section for details on how Youtini can help guide your reading further.


After tackling the Foundational Books, you are going to be dying for something to read next. But where should you start? The galaxy is the limit, my friend!

There are a number of ways that Youtini can help guide your reading. We have strived to build as many guides and tools as possible to get you going on your interplanetary journey, many of which we’ve already mentioned. Here are a few features that will help you navigate further down your reading list.


Use the Youtini timelines both to see where books fall but also to see all the covers in one seamless flow. Maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover… but you should absolutely pick the one with a really badass jedi lady on the cover!

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What should I read if I like…? Any veteran Star Wars reader has heard a question like that, and they’ve definitely thought it themselves. Luckily, we’ve done the homework for you so you can get straight to reading. Check out our collections on characters, themes, and even authors where we have compiled themed lists to show you the books that have been written for whatever mood you’re in.

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If only there were some way to keep track of all that you’ve read and all that you want to read! By the FORCE there is!

The Youtini Bookshelf is just that - a digital bookshelf for your Star Wars books. Every book featured on the site can be tracked, recorded, and added to your personal collection using our app. Just create a free account and get tracking.

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