Zoraida Córdova featured on The Star Wars Show!

This week, Zoraida Córdova was featured on The Star Wars Show where she talked about her upcoming novel, A Crash of Fate!
Eric Eilersen
May 8, 2019
A look at what we can expect from the upcoming YA novel, A Crash of Fate, from the author, herself!

This week's Star Wars Show put a spotlight directly on some of our most anticipated EU news by featuring an interview with Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate's Zoraida Córdova!

During her sit down interview with Andi Gutierrez, Córdova talked about some of her inspirations for the upcoming YA novel along with what she, personally, loves about our favorite galaxy. Here are some of our favorite highlights:

  • Córdova received behind-the-scenes looks at concepts and art for the park in preparation for writing the book.
  • Visitors to Galaxy's Edge will be able to visit a number of locations that are key points in A Crash of Fate.
  • Córdova's favorite part of Star Wars is the love stories - particularly the incredible story of Obi-Wan & Satine.
  • One of her favorite characters to write was Dok-Ondar, the owner of the black market antiquities shop and a fixture of Batuu, itself.

Check out the full episode of the Star Wars show below (Córdova's interview starts at 3:42) to see all of these fun facts,a quick feature on the Journey to the Rise of Skywalker line, as well as a touching tribute to the late Peter Mayhew.

Finally, head over to Amazon to pre-order A Crash of Fate before it's release on August 6th.

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