This week's Star Wars Show brought one of the greats onto the couch as Andi Gutierrez interviewed the creator of Thrawn, himself, Timothy Zahn.

During his sit down interview Zahn talked about some of the history surrounded the Grand Admiral as well as his hopes for the future. Here are some of our favorite highlights:

  • Zahn discussed the difference between writing the original and second Thrawn trilogies. The first time around, who knew if fans even wanted it?
  • The importance of Eli Vanto's point of view throughout the series is mentioned.
  • Zahn worked alongside Dave Filoni to figure out where these parts of Thrawn's story could live alongside the work Filoni did on Rebels.
  • Dave Filoni has the first crack at where Thrawn went post-Rebels.

Check out the full episode of the Star Wars show below (Zahn's interview begins at 4:00) to see everything that Zahn has to say about his beloved character, and keep your eyes out for our full review of Thrawn: Treason coming this Friday.

Finally, head over to Amazon to pick up Thrawn: Treason and join in our discussion over on the Youtini discord!

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