n The Rise of Skywalker, one of many shocking revelations about the sequel trilogy’s main characters involved expert pilot Poe Dameron revealing he used to be a spice runner.

When fans learned this unexpected detail, the endless questions began. Was this before or after he joined the Resistance? Weren’t both of his parents rebels? Are we ever going to get that backstory?

The good news is, we are getting that backstory - in just a few weeks - thanks to Poe Dameron: Free Fall.

In Alex Segura’s debut Star Wars novel, we follow Poe Dameron and his new companion Zorii as they embark on a series of dangerous quests in an effort to make a name for themselves … and survive.

Thus far, young adult Star Wars novels have a history of telling delightful and intensely character-driven stories featuring characters old and new. Judging from the exclusive excerpt just released, this one is going to fit right in. 

Here’s a small piece of Segura’s quick and captivating prose, in which Poe is in the midst of a treacherous escape from Yavin 4.


Poe swallowed hard and mentally walked through the steps to launch. He knew what to do, of that he had no doubt. He just hadn’t, well, done it before. Flying an A-wing was one thing — especially one he’d sat in and tinkered with since as far back as he could remember. The Ragged Claw was different — he was in someone else’s house and being asked to make dinner without really knowing where all the ingredients were. He knew he could cook, though. So it was time to turn on the heat.

Then the shooting started.

The blaster fire was sudden. It took Poe a second to realize what was going on. But the Spice Runners didn’t have his delay and immediately took their positions. Vigilch’s grip tightened on Poe’s shoulder.

“Now, boy, now,” he seethed.

Poe took a quick breath. He flipped the switch that engaged the ship’s thrusters, feeling the hum of the Ragged Claw’s deceptively powerful engines. Marinda Gan, Gen Tri, and Vigilch swayed as the ship lurched forward, still rattling from the barrage of blaster fire coming at them from the five officers on the ground.

“We’re being fired on!” Marinda yelled over the rising sound of the ship’s engine.

Before she could continue, the ship lurched forward again — this time with more purpose, and it wasn’t stopping.

“What are you doing?” Zorii asked, scanning the controls from the copilot’s terminal. “We’re moving too fast for port traffic. We’re going to hit something.”

“Just trust me,” Poe said as the ship careened past the firing NRSB officers, seeming to shrug off their blaster fire, and wove around a few smaller ships in mid-transit. “Trust me.”


You can read the full excerpt on StarWars.com.

The daring adventures of young Poe Dameron releases on August 4. You can view our complete Book Profile for more details and pre-order your copy now.

For a complete list of recent and upcoming Star Wars book and comic releases, visit our regularly updated Release Schedule.






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