Queen's Peril front cover
Queen's Peril front cover

This Thanksgiving, we here at Youtini are thankful for so many things. Everyone who reads our articles, everyone who listens to our podcasts, and everyone on our team who works so hard to create the best Star Wars content possible.

But do you know what we’re really thankful for?

Like really thankful for?

Book announcements, that’s what! And Disney Lucasfilm decided to celebrate the holiday season with just that. On yesterday’s Star Wars Show, Anthony Carboni and Andi Guitierrez announced another new book that will be gracing store shelves in 2020.

Queen’s Peril by E.K. Jonhnston.

This surprise prequel to Johnston’s Queen’s Shadow will follow Padmé and her original squad of handmaidens in the times before The Phantom Menace. In an exclusive interview with StarWars.com, Johnston discussed her love of the original six and her excitement at getting to write them again in vastly different situations than in the previous book. (a Backstreet Boys concert is mentioned...trust me, it’s a great interview).

To read the interview in its entirety as well as the rest of the official press release from StarWars.com, click HERE.

Queen’s Peril will be coming to your doorstep on May 5th, 2020, and if you want to help support Youtini by preordering the book, click HERE to use our official Amazon Affiliate.

And if you want to catch up on all the Padmé action before May, be sure the visit the Official Book Profile for Queen's Shadow where you'll find our review, community thoughts, and preorder link!

Have a phenomenal Thanksgiving, and stay tuned to Youtini for all your future updates about Queen’s Peril and more!

Queen's Peril back cover
Queen's Peril back cover

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