Exclusive Preview of Alphabet Squadron in Marvel's TIE Fighter #1

TIE Fighter #1 contains an exclusive preview of Alexander Freed's new novel!
Eric Eilersen
Apr 17, 2019
"The woman met its gaze. The droid readjusted the lens. This is the story she told."

Today's release of Jody Houser and Rogê Antônio's TIE Fighter #1 not only introduced us to the fearsome members of the Empire's Shadow Wing, but also gave us a preview of our upcoming adventures with Alphabet Squadron!

After finishing the first issue of the miniseries, readers are treated to two pages of story from the first chapter of Alexander Freed's upcoming novel. The passage brings us face to face with Yrica Quell as she recalls one of the more harrowing moments near the end of her service to the Empire before defecting to the Rebel Alliance. Check out the preview below, and be sure to buy the full first issue of TIE Fighter from Comixology or your local comic book store!

The limited series is said to cross over even more with the characters and events of Alphabet Squadron as it continues, so be sure to keep up with TIE Fighter and pre-order Alphabet Squadron if you haven't already!

Alphabet Squadron Excerpt Page 1
Preview of Alphabet Squadron in TIE Fighter #1
Alphabet Squadron Excerpt Page 2
Preview of Alphabet Squadron in TIE Fighter #1

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