With just under a week to go until the official release of Dooku: Jedi Lost, Cavan Scott's orginal audio drama (a first for the Star Wars Canon), an excerpt from the piece has been released on StarWars.com!

Check out the excerpt HERE.

Dooku: Jedi Lost cover

The sample features Dooku (Euan Morton) and Ventress (Orlagh Cassidy) discussing a holo that Dooku has from his sister. Dooku additionally reveals that Ventress had been abandoned by the Jedi Order after the death of her Master, Ky Narec, and uses the emotional weight of that knowledge to give her an intensely personal mission: the return of Dooku's sister.

Despite the relative brevity of the incredibly well produced clip (seriously - this voice cast is off the charts), we can't help but wonder what these tidbits will mean for the story, as a whole.

  • Will Dooku be swayed towards the light by his sister?
  • How will Ventress end up finding her in the first place if she finds her at all?
  • Does Dooku's sister know the absolute truth about her brother's Dark Side allegiances?
  • How does this part of Ventress's past translate to her appearances in Clone Wars and Dark Disciple?

All of these questions and more look to be answered with release of Dooku: Jedi Lost next week! Until then, check out the sample at the link above and keep an eye out for Youtini's official review of the audio drama after the release!

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