Daniel José Older Featured on The Star Wars Show!

This week, Daniel José Older was featured on The Star Wars Show where he talked about his novel, Last Shot!
Eric Eilersen
Apr 24, 2019
Daniel and Anthony talk Han, Lando, & Ewoks!

This week, the featured guest on The Star Wars Show was none other than Daniel José Older, author of Last Shot. Last year, Last Shot rocketed through Star Wars fandom right before the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story and brought us adventures of Han, Lando, Chewie, little Ben, and a whole bunch of new characters including Peekpa, the Ewok Slicer.

Check out the video below (Older's interview begins at 5:08) for a look into his process of writing the book as well as his thoughts on Lando's love life, droid activism, the definition of life and sentience, and of course, a discussion on Peekpa, herself.

After checking out the video, head over to Last Shot's Official Book Profile to share your thoughts with a Community Ranking. And if you missed the book when it dropped last year, go ahead and pick it up on Amazon!

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To pick up Spark of the Resistance and help us out here at Youtini, order the book on Amazon with our affiliate link!

If you already enjoyed Spark of the Resistance, let us know by heading over to its Official Book Profile and leaving a Community Ranking!

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