Now that we're mere days away from the release of Dooku: Jedi Lost, we are absolutely chomping at the bit for any tidbit of information we can get about the first audio drama in the Star Wars Canon. Luckily, writer Cavan Scott was kind enough to spill more details about the project over on

In addition to professing his intense love for all things Dooku (including an astonishing amount of merchandise - much to his wife's chagrin), Scott talks about the details in Dooku's life that drew him to the project as well as what we can expect to discover about the Count of Serenno when Jedi Lost drops on April 30th.

Here are some of the interview's highlights:

  • Scott was fascinated by what caused Dooku to fall as he did. “There has to be a reason he’s so shut down,” Scott says of the cold, manipulative Sith Lord. “And it can’t just be because he’s been turned by Darth Sidious.”
  • Asajj Ventress learns lessons about Dooku's past alongside the listeners including the reveals of his father, brother, and sister.
  • The story takes place between Dooku's time as Yoda's apprentice and his decision to leave the Jedi Council, fully encompassing his journey from dedicated acolyte to one of The Lost.
  • Scott had somewhat of a "blank canvas" to work on with Dooku, and he collaborated closely with Claudia Gray as she was writing Master & Apprentice (which we recently reviewed in its entirety HERE)- specifically regarding Rael Averross, who appears in both projects.
  • We're going to get WAY more information about Sifo-Dyas!
  • When Scott was discussing Ventress, one quote especially stood out...
“It’s called Jedi Lost,” he says. “It’s not just about Dooku.”

Check out the full interview at HERE, and pre-order Dooku: Jedi Lost on Amazon before its release later this week. We couldn't be more excited to dive into this brand new Star Wars project, and keep an eye out for our official Youtini review in the coming weeks!

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