Alphabet Squadron Cast Revealed!

A look at the full cast of Alphabet Squadron revealed this week by Del Rey
Eric Eilersen
May 26, 2019
"You know your squadron will fight, but will they fight for you?"

With just a couple of weeks left until the official release of Alexander Freed's Alphabet Squadron, Del Rey was kind enough to introduce us to the main characters of our new favorite crew in a number of tweets over at @DelReyStarWars.

Previously, we were already introduced to our fearless leader, Yrica Quell, the Imperial defector and X-Wing pilot who leads Alphabet Squadron, but let's take a look at the rest of the gang and the ships they'll be flying.

Kairos, U-Wing pilot
Kairos, U-Wing pilot

U-WING: Kairos is as distant and unknowable as the void through which she flies. Just as her monstrous mask hides her face, her silence hides her past. All her copilots understand is her loyalty to the Republic, and the frightening violence that she employs in its name.

Wyl Lark, A-Wing
Wyl Lark, A-Wing

A-WING: A youth spent on the backs of flying beasts on his peaceful, remote homeworld gave Wyl Lark a near-supernatural gift for piloting, and a well of kindness and empathy that has never run dry. But war is a precarious place for a soul as gentle as his.

Nath, Y-Wing pilot

Y-WING: His easy demeanor makes him seem like a starport lunkhead, but don’t be fooled: Nath Tensent is a survivor. He outlived his unit, he outlived the Empire, and now that Lieutenant Quell has pulled him back into the war, he’s determined to outlive her, too.

Chass na Chadic, B-Wing
Chass na Chadic, B-Wing

B-WING: Chass na Chadic has watched her heroes fall one after another in the name of freedom, leaving her behind; now, as the tide turns, Chass is adrift. Alphabet's mission may be her chance to find meaning in her life—if she can be convinced not to seek it in death.

All of these pilots will be joining Quell in the adventures of Alphabet Squadron when the novel is released on June 11th! Be sure to pre-order Alphabet Squadron at Amazon if you haven't already, and if you have, CLICK HERE to see how you can receive a free patch to show your love for this crew!

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