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Star Wars books you should read if you like

What would you sacrifice to save the one you love?

Your home? Your family? Your very identity?

Such a question is asked of Tsabin, a wondrously talented musician in the halls of the Theed Conservatory. A new queen is about to be crowned, and this hallikset playing prodigy is being called to serve. Little does she know that this new charge will not only become a successful monarch, but she will also become the closest thing to a soulmate Tsabin--soon to become Sabé--will ever know.

Portrayed originally by Keira Knightley in an admittedly brief amount of screentime in The Phantom Menace, Sabé was a handmaiden of Queen Amidala during the years preceding the Clone Wars conflict. Initially recruited thanks to her physical resemblance to the queen, Sabé immediately set herself apart from her compatriots thanks to her ability to seamlessly weave in and out of Padmé’s daily life.

A relationship that began simply as security and detail instantly transformed to one of confidants and supposed equals, but throughout their lives together, Sabé’s dedication to Padmé’s life above her own was never in question. Even after the queen’s transition to a senatorial role within the government of the Galactic Republic, Sabé never questioned her role as Padmé’s subordinate.

Padmé would always come first.

Everything and everyone else would have to wait their turn.

And she never questioned that.

Throughout Padmé’s career as a senator of Naboo, Sabé undertook less visible missions at her former ruler’s behest like investigating the status of slavery on Naboo as it pertained to a certain mother of prophecy. This continuing dedication to Padmé’s personal causes allowed Sabé to remain within Padmé’s inner circle long after the other Naboo handmaidens had left their service to preserve lives outside the bonds of galactic government.

Following Padmé’s tragic demise, Sabé’s mission in life focused on the most intensely singular goal imaginable: the discovery of the truth behind her fallen friend’s death. This mission allied her once more with her sisters from another life as well as a number of additional forces who all agreed that Padmé’s murder was exactly that.

This unparalleled dedication to her best friend even after such a tragedy elevated Sabé from an interesting plot point in The Phantom Menace to a character that now commands enough respect to go toe to toe with Darth Vader and live to tell the tale. Sabé’s tale is one of self discovery, the unbreakable bonds of friendship, and the belief that doing what is right is worth any sacrifice imaginable.

Oh, and did we mention that she teams up with one of the most influential, fantastical, and fashionable politicians in the galaxy to possibly become a Fulcrum agent? We didn’t? Interesting. Well if you want to discover more about this generational artisan’s path to sabotage and the eternal fight for justice, here’s a few places you can look.

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Books in this Collection

The team at Youtini has hand-selected these books because they fit this theme.
Queen's Shadowamazon button
YA Novel

Queen's Shadow

March 5, 2019
E. K. Johnston
28 BBY

What does one do after ruling an entire planet? For Padmé Amidala, that answer came easily: move on to even bigger things. However, transitioning from the throne on Naboo to a seat in the Galactic Senate is not without challenges, especially at such a young age. Uneasy alliances, ruthless media, and hidden agendas not only leave her wondering how she can possibly hope to instate positive change in the galaxy, but also how she can survive long enough to do it.

EK Johnston’s story bridges the gap between the Padmé fans see in The Phantom Menace and the one they see in Attack of the Clones. It largely expounds upon Naboo culture, including the fashion, government, and the role of the handmaidens.

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Queen's Perilamazon button
YA Novel

Queen's Peril

June 2, 2020
E. K. Johnston
32 BBY
In this prequel to 2019’s Queen’s Shadow, EK Johnston follows Padmé through her election as Queen of Naboo, her introduction to Captain Quarsh Panaka, and the assembly of her entourage of handmaidens. In individual vignettes, we see Panaka recruit each one and get a glimpse of the unique strengths each brings to the group, and the novel shows how they integrated into a cohesive team to serve and protect their Queen. Johnston deftly weaves this arc into the events going on in the galaxy at large, and we see how the foresight of Padmé and Panaka pay off as the handmaidens each play vital roles in the momentous events about to embroil their homeworld. Along the way, Johnston successfully imbues each of these characters with unique personalities despite their work in a calling that demands they blend into the background. She also excels at portraying an ensemble of strong female protagonists who succeed because of their distinctly feminine strengths.
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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menaceamazon button
Adult Novel

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

April 21, 1999
Terry Brooks
32 BBY

The Sith are a thing of ancient history. Some even question their existence to begin with since not a single one had been seen for centuries. But as a long-awaited prophecy starts to come to fruition, the Jedi will soon learn that their greatest fear is emerging from the shadows.

Soon, they will reveal themselves to the Jedi.

Soon, they will have their revenge.

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