“We have hope. Hope that things can get better. And they will.” - Hera Syndulla

Star Wars Books You Should Read If You Like
Star Wars Rebels

No one can forget the day the galaxy went dark. Everyone felt it, and everyone knew. The day the Empire was born.

In one fell swoop, Chancellor Palpatine gripped the freedom of democracy and crushed it in his bare fists. With an entire army and loyal apprentice at his command, the new Emperor had complete control over the known universe. In the years since his reign, citizens of the Galactic Empire learned that it is futile to resist. Evil had won.

But there are those still willing to fight, and so the war is not over. Those who have lost families, and homes. Those with nothing left to lose. The Empire can’t win as long as the Rebel Alliance stands strong.

So don’t give up hope. Never give up hope.

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Books in this Collection

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A New Dawnamazon button
Adult Novel

A New Dawn

John Jackson Miller
11 BBY

Star Wars Rebels tugged on the heartstrings of countless fans, and this story is where it all began. Taking place before the beloved show, A New Dawn shows us how Kanan and Hera were destined to cross paths and fight together in the Galactic Civil War.

Being the first novel released in the new Canon era of Star Wars books, John Jackson Miller leaves a lasting first impression on what’s to come.

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Ahsokaamazon button
Young Adult Novel


E.K. Johnston
18 BBY

After the events of Order 66, survivors of the Jedi Purge must navigate the galaxy undetected. It's been a year since Ahsoka Tano watched the Galactic Republic fall, and she's leaving yet another planet to dodge Imperial suspicion and start over. Again. Something strange is happening, however, and she can't help but let her curiosity get her into serious trouble.

E.K. Johnston's young adult novel builds an important bridge between the Ahsoka we knew from The Clone Wars and the Fulcrum we meet in Star Wars Rebels. It's in this story that our hero must come to terms with her past and discover the role she is meant to play in her darkened galaxy's future.

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Lords of the Sithamazon button
Adult Novel

Lords of the Sith

Paul S. Kemp
14 BBY

The most iconic Sith duo is that of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. When it comes to the films, the immense power of their strengths combined remains to be seen. Lords of the Sith offers the display of unrivaled power that we deserve, and Paul S. Kemp delivers those brutal moments in vivid detail.

The magnitude of chaos and destruction unleashed by the Sith Lords is emphasized alongside the sheer terror and hopelessness of the rebels attempting to fight against them. Their despair is even more apparent through the eyes of Cham Syndulla, Hera Syndulla’s father and rebel leader of Ryloth, showing that even the most courageous minds are no match for the dark side.

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Thrawnamazon button
Adult Novel


Timothy Zahn
11 - 2 BBY

After stumbling upon an exiled Chiss on an abandoned planet, the Empire quickly realizes they may have found a new weapon. With his powerful intellect and devastating cunning, Thrawn is soon enrolled in the Imperial Academy on Coruscant along with Eli Vanto, new cadet for the Empire, serving as his translator. Despite mounting unhappiness with the unusual pair’s success, Thrawn and Eli climb the ranks in the Imperial military, just in time for a clash with a mysterious adversary known only as Nightswan…

Any villain as monumental as Grand Admiral Thrawn deserves an equally prodigious origin story, and this book delivers. With a healthy serving of mysteries to be solved, this tale of an unlikely alien’s climb to the zenith of the Empire is one of the Zahn’s most intriguing yet.

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Thrawn: Alliancesamazon button
Adult Novel

Thrawn: Alliances

Timothy Zahn

Throughout all Star Wars stories, you’d be hard-pressed to find two villains held in higher regard than Darth Vader and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Though they operate entirely differently, both are incredibly effective tools of the Emperor. When they’re sent to the planet Batuu on the same mission, they must find a way to work together. However, sparks fly as memories of a mission long past involving a younger Thrawn and Anakin Skywalker resurface…

Timothy Zahn weaves together the prequel era with the rebellion era in this novel that manages to pull together some of the biggest names that Star Wars has to offer. While attempting to balance the prowess of Vader with the intellect of Thrawn, it manages to offer a glimpse in the characters’ futures as well as their pasts.

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