Republic Commando: Hard Contact
Adult Novel

Republic Commando: Hard Contact

Karen Traviss
22 BBY

BBY/ABY is used to position items along the Star Wars Timeline. BBY refers to Before the Battle of Yavin. ABY refers to After the Battle of Yavin. The Battle of Yavin in Episode IV: A New Hope occured in 0 BBY/ABY.

The Clone Wars

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A tie-in novel to the Republic Commandos video game, Hard Contact is the first in a five book series. This novel introduces a squad of clone troopers as they take on a precarious mission to destroy a nanovirus production facility on the Separatist-controlled planet of Qiilura. When the clones find themselves split up behind enemy lines, their chances of success seem slim. If they’re to be successful and make it out alive, each trooper will have to rely on his clone brothers to have his back.

Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando series is one of the most celebrated and dearly loved Legends series out there. Hard Contact, its first installment, is responsible for laying the foundation for fans’ staunch dedication.

Publisher's Summary

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As the Clone Wars rage, victory or defeat lies in the hands of elite squads that take on the toughest assignments in the galaxy–stone-cold soldiers who go where no one else would, to do what no one else could...

On a mission to sabotage a chemical weapon research facility on a Separatist-held planet, four clone troopers operate under the very noses of their enemies. The commandos are outnumbered and outgunned, deep behind enemy lines with no backup–and working with strangers instead of trusted teammates. Matters don’t improve when Darman, the squad’s demolitions expert, gets separated from the others during planetfall. Even Darman’s apparent good luck in meeting an inexperienced Padawan vanishes once Etain admits to her woeful inexperience.

For the separated clone commandos and stranded Jedi, a long, dangerous journey lies ahead, through hostile territory brimming with Trandoshan slavers, Separatists, and suspicious natives. A single misstep could mean discovery...and death. It’s a virtual suicide mission for anyone–anyone except Republic Commandos.

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Staff Comments

- Charles Hanckel

- Eric Eilersen

If you're going into this book expecting some action, you're going to be sorely disappointed. More than half of this book is about the elite special operations team hiding their trail, reminiscing their old instructor, and complaining about tasteless ration cubes. The other 20% of this book is blowing stuff up, and even those parts aren't as cool as you'd expect. The premise is interesting, but the potential is wasted in my opinion. It was neat to see how clones interact with the Jedi for the first time since their reveal at the Battle of Geonosis even though it was a bit awkward, but I couldn't care less about the plot otherwise.

- Heather Goldman

- Karl Sander

- Meg Dowell

- Stacey White

- Corey Helton

Going into this novel, I was expecting to get an entertaining war story with heavy doses of spec-op missions. And I got exactly that and much more. What I was not expecting was to become so emotionally invested in each character and enthralled by their every conversation. In this first entry into the Republic Commando series, Karen Traviss weaves together a beautiful story that dives much deeper than the assumed surface-level entertainment factor.

- Andrew Bell

In the time before Revenge of the Sith was a finished product, Karen Traviss began to explore the Clone Wars from a boots-on-the ground perspective. The first entry in the Republic Commando series follows Omega Squad, an elite and highly-efficient team of special forces trained by Mandalorians but are fresh off the disastrous Battle of Geonosis. They have to come together as a unit, train a Jedi Padawan who's not yet ready to be a General, and fight for a Republic that doesn't consider them citizens. Traviss's series delves deep into the ethical implications of waging a war with a clone army. She expertly develops the Mandalorian culture throughout the series in a way that'll have you in the garage crafting your own armor before you know it. Hard Contact builds the foundation on which she masterfully builds in the next entries in the series.

- Jared Mayes

- Wes Jenkins

- Nathan Emery

- Trevor Davey

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Del Rey
Release Date:
October 26, 2004
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Republic Commando: Hard Contact
October 26, 2004
Republic Commando: Hard Contact
October 26, 2004
Republic Commando: Hard Contact
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