Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil
Adult Novel

Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil

Drew Karpyshyn
980 BBY

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The final chapter of Darth Bane's legend allows the reader to witness just how magnificent and horrifying the ultimate power of the Dark Side can be. Decades have passed since Dessel escaped the Apatros mines to ascend to his rightful place as the Sith'ari, and as Bane begins to realize the true cost of such power, fear begins to fester within his mind.

Fear that he will run out of time. Fear that his apprentice lacks the ambition to continue his great work. Fear that his knowledge and passion will die with him.

But he is not the only one looking towards the future. Throughout this novel, Bane and Zannah transcend the titles of master and apprentice as they both attempt to ready themselves for the only end that the Rule of Two can offer them.

Will their dynasty continue? Or shall the Sith be lost to history?

Publisher's Summary

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Twenty years have passed since Darth Bane, reigning Dark Lord of the Sith, demolished the ancient order devoted to the dark side and reinvented it as a circle of two: one Master to wield the power and pass on the wisdom, and one apprentice to learn, challenge, and ultimately usurp the Dark Lord in a duel to the death. But Bane’s acolyte, Zannah, has yet to prove herself a worthy successor. Determined that the Sith dream of galactic domination will not die with him, Bane vows to learn the secret of a forgotten Dark Lord that will assure the Sith’s immortality–and his own.

Zannah knows that her ruthless master has begun to doubt her, and so she prepares for his downfall, plotting at last to wrest from Bane the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Zannah pursues her Master from the grim depths of a ravaged world to the barren reaches of a desert outpost, where the future of the dark side will be decided by the final, fatal stroke of a lightsaber.

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Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil



Very Good


An immensely satisfying conclusion to the climatic finale of the Darth Bane trilogy.







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Staff Comments

The final installment of Darth Bane's story does not disappoint! Read as he struggles through the dilemma that all Sith eventually must face: how to retain the position of power that he's managed to create for himself. If you've made it this far with Bane's story, you won't be able to put this book down. Up until the final pages, you'll be holding your breath to see exactly how things turn out.

- Charles Hankel

- Eric Eilersen

Dynasty of Evil is a fantastic final chapter to this trilogy. Darth Bane's powers are finally wearing on him, and Zannah sees this as she debates whether to help him or use this opportunity to strike. The duo is so incredibly Sith-like that the lust for power makes for an intense ending to this story. They both have so many cards up their sleeves so you'll be on the edge of your seat to the very last page.

- Heather Goldman

- Karl Sander

- Meg Dowell

- Stacey White

- Corey Helton

As far as I'm concerned, this book checks every box for what a final book in a trilogy should be. Karpyshyn weaves together an intricate plot using various threads from the previous two novels. The end result is an epic conclusion that is both intensely satisfying but also leaves me longing for more. The Darth Bane trilogy is the only collection of books that could possibly challenge Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy for the title of "Best EU Trilogy."

- Andrew Bell

- Jared Mayes

- Wes Jenkins

- Nathan Emery

- Trevor Davey

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Del Rey
Release Date:
December 8, 2009
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Jonathan Davis


Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil
December 8, 2009
Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil
September 28, 2010
Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil
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